LastPass Free Service Changes – Will Only Support Single Device Type cvv me new site, legit dump shops

The popular password manager LastPass has recently made an announcement that might not be pleasing to know for many users. Briefly, LastPass announced changes to its free service – the most important being the limit of single device type use only.
Through a recent blog post , the firm has announced some important changes to the LastPass free service.
The most important change is the restriction of device types on which users can use LastPass. It means users can either use LastPass on their computers, or on mobile phones and smartwatches.
Explaining the device type in their post, LastPass stated,
LastPass Free has two (2) device types – Computers (which includes all web browsers running on desktops and laptops) or Mobile Devices (which includes all iOS/Android phones, smartwatches, and tablets).
This limitation, however, merely applies to the device type only. It doesn’t mean any restriction on the number of devices.
For example, if a user selects computers as the device type, the user can use LastPass across multiple desktops/laptops. Likewise, selecting mobile devices lets the user access LastPass across all devices specified for this category.
The change will roll out on March 16, 2021. Until then, users can decide the device type to select.
However, if not selected, LastPass will automatically assign as device type the device on which a user signs-in to LastPass on March 16, 2021, for the first time.
Nonetheless, this won’t be a permanent change. Rather LastPass will still allow two more chances (a total of 3) to the users to change the device type. Yet, the third change will be considered as the final one.
Besides, LastPass will also limit email support to the Premium and Families users from May 17, 2021. The free users will then be left with the support articles and community to seek help.
For details, users can check out this support article explaining all LastPass changes in detail.
LastPass advises avid users to upgrade their free accounts to premium plans to avail themselves of the full benefits.
For first-time users, they are also offering a further discount on premium subscriptions.
Nonetheless, those who aren’t comfortable with these changes may consider switching to some other password manager .
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