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There is no person who would disagree with the statement that an external drive is a great thing, which everyone can afford and use with ease. But like any other thing, it has not only pros but cons as well. It can be damaged, which will lead to data loss.
Is it possible to recover data from external hard drive? In this article, we’re going to discuss the main causes of damage to external hard drives and steps to recover files from an external hard drive.
There are two main reasons for the loss of hard drive performance – these are logical and physical malfunctions. The causes of logical problems are often erroneous user actions, such as accidentally deleting documents, photos, and other information or inadvertent formatting. Disturbances in the operation of a portable drive arise as a result of a virus infection of a file directory. In case of logical failures:
To recover deleted information from a removable hard drive in case of logical damage, you should use special external hard drive recovery software.
As for the physical components, they may get damaged as a result of falling removable media, water, wear, overload, overheating, vibration. The main signs of damage to the magnetic heads are clicking sounds that the device makes during operation. Squeaking occurs when the heads stick or the spindle locks . Sometimes, magnetic heads move as a result of a push, vibration or shock – even with a small positioning error, access to a certain block of information is lost.
Before recovering deleted files, you need to use a digital image recovery guide. To do this, cancel all operations of transferring information to a removable storage device and turn it off. Areas considered free are not physically cleared of the recorded information immediately – it is deleted only when the cells are filled with new content.
How to recover a portable hard drive without formatting? What to do if there are no signs of serious damage (they are emitted by burning smell, rattle, clicks and other sounds made during operation), you can try to connect removable media to a device with the same OS. In some cases, the situation is saved by another connecting cable. Such actions will eliminate the possibility of program errors.
There are several easy steps you should make to recover deleted images. Check them below and make the same steps following the instructions:
As you can see, the process of data recovering can be as easy as ABC if you use advanced software Disk Drill. Enjoy a lot of benefits when using this program. Among them is the possibility to use smart scanning algorithms.
Start the process of recovery and then later to pause it if there is such a need. One of the major benefits is that this software is able to do copies of images. You’re recommended to use tools aimed at the protection of your information to avoid data loss in the future.
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